Are We Living In The End Days?  Are You Prepared?

Are we living in the End Days?  We believe we are, and the purpose of our newsletter is to keep a close eye on world events and how they relate to Bible prophecy. The James L. Paris Bible Prophecy & Survival Report is unique among newsletters of this genre’.  We are addressing not just biblical prophecy but also survival preparedness.  We are also willing to go outside the box of conventional prophecy writers.  For example, we regularly look at the issue of UFO’s, government conspiracies, and the technology that will likely lead to the Mark Of The Beast. There is no issue that we are unwilling to explore to determine if there is something there for our readers that relates to Bible prophecy and survival.


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James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Discuss Survival Preparedness On A Budget (39 minutes audio download)

Emergency food, water, medical supplies, firearms, self defense, transportation, and more!



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